1840 1d Black Plate 9


Price by Negotiation


Used on cover to Switzerland. An entire letter from Somerset House in London,to La Neueville, bearing 1d. Black cancelled and tied by multiple strikes of a red tombstone pre paid date-stamp on 27th March 1841. The cover shows a further strike of the tombstone together with Strand D in black, oval framed P-D in red and Angl/Calais French entry date-stamp in red.

The Cover was pre-paid 1/10d d British and 1/- Foreigen shares of postage for a weight not exceeding 1/2 oz.

The Foreign postage expressed as “12” (Decimes) is shown top right.

The “34” (Kreuzers) represents a further payment which approximated to 1/-sterling which meant that there was probably a further 7 1/2 grams in weight more to be paid.

The Letter did not go “Par Pontarlier” because the black-stamp indicated that it has entered Switzerland at “Delle”, a border exchange office much further north than Pontarlier.

A Fantastic And Unique Showpiece.







Peter Holcombe