1841 (7 November) Wrapper


Price by Negotiation
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From ‘Maidstone’ to ‘Ashford’, bearing a block of four 1d. Black, Plate 5, lettered O-A, O-B/P-A, P-B, all stamps State 2 (S.G. Spec. AS27).

‘Charing’ undated circle handstamp on front.

Maidstone November 7, 1841, Ashford November 8, 1841, Charing (undated).

The most sought after of all of the Penny Blacks is the “P-B” Re-entry from plate 5. The “P-B” stamp was re-entered twice and the scarce third slate shows a marked re-entry through “One Penny” and the lower corner squares. The “P-B” stamp in the block below shows the first state before re-entring took place. A horizontal guide line is visible close to the lower frame line under the “B”.

A Superb Cover In All Respects.


David Brandon.